Live images are becoming an increasingly important part of corporate communication, whether it is to increase interest in a stock exchange listing, provide complementary perspectives on accounts or enable virtual participation for those who cannot be physically present. A professionally produced video opens the doors to communicate with investors, markets and other decision makers in a modern and dynamic format. At the same time, it is resource-intensive to produce and something that can rarely be done internally.

Therefore, in collaboration with Infront Direkt, we offer a video service for listed companies. The service consists of production and distribution where Direkt is responsible for planning, documentation and technology. All you have to do is show up.

Presentation in connection with stock exchange listing or spread sales

Company film / interview in a study environment or via a link (Teams) in connection with a stock exchange listing or capital increase in a later phase. You can use the material and distribute it freely in your channels while Infront Direkt Studios distributes widely through its channels. 

News release (with or without questions and answers)

In connection with important events, you as a listed company can communicate and comment on these events live in Direkt's studio environment or via a link (Teams). Viewers have the opportunity to ask questions in the chat function during the broadcast, and Infront Direkt Studios distributes the broadcast widely on its channels.

Capital market day (or industry / sector days / breakfast / lunch event, etc.)

With the help of Infront Direkt Studios, you can organize different types of events in an isolated studio environment in central Stockholm, where a company representative from you can participate on site or via a link (Teams). The recording can also take place elsewhere than Stockholm. You can use the material and distribute it freely in your channels while Infront Direkt Studios distributes widely through its channels.

Infront Insight Direct (subscription solution)

With Infront Direct's subscription solution, you can in the long term use video material in the overall communication strategy. The package contains: Company introduction, report comment x4 (one per quarter) and an interview that provides perspective on your industry and your company. With the subscription solution, you can also book interviews for news releases at a greatly reduced price.

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