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Reach journalists and influencers through our media database. Expand your digital presence by publishing news items on the best international Wires whilst simultaneously communicating your news and press releases via social media, your website and your press contacts. You can also track the media impact of reports from the web and social media through analysis sent directly to your mailbox.

Identify Influencers

Find the people who can promote your brand and become evangelists

Build Relationships With Journalists

Streamline your relationships to make the connections that boost your message

See Who's Talking About You

…And what they’re saying – with in-depth news monitoring and social listening

Showcase the ROI of Your Efforts

Intuitive reporting tools make it easy to create and share reports that show the impact of your work

Cision is a reliable platform for our external news distribution and media monitoring needs. Their services have consistently met our expectations and we appreciate the dedication from the Cision team to always deliver customer satisfaction.

Caroline Örmgård

Head of Public & Media Relations at Getinge

Connect your brand with influencers & decision-makers

Listen to media channels for trending topics, target and build relationships with key influencers, create an earned media and content strategy, engage audiences across channels and analyse performance & attribute impact. 

Media Database 

Connect your brand with influencers and decision-makers through the world’s largest human curated media platform. Flip the script on influencer databases, querying searches based on the interests of your key audiences. Track your team’s activities, and report on your email pitching and social posting performance, with our integrated campaign management tools.

Learn more about the Media Database.


Press Release Distribution

Deliver your content to target audiences around the globe via the world’s most comprehensive newswire, Cision PR Newswire. From building awareness and generating media coverage, to creating conversations and acquiring new audiences, our flexible options can help you reach your goals.

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Monitoring & Analysis

Get the data to see who you’re reaching, what they’re saying, and what they’re doing next. Get the knowledge you need to build more effective campaigns.

For our monitoring solutions, we only offer international coverage and no domestic media monitoring to Norwegian customers.

Expand Your Campaigns with Distribution from PR Newswire

What happens outside of the cloud? Real people reading real press releases. Want to get them in front of more eyes? Use the global reach and unmatched reputation of PR Newswire. 

PR Newswire is part of the Cision family of services. Make sure the people who matter see what matters to you. 

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