Accessible, courteous and competent support is what I appreciate most about Cision.

Viktor Wallström

PR Manager, Tele2

What I appreciate most about Cision is having a committed contact person responsive to my views, and a service that is reliable and fast.

Hannelore Söderberg

IR Officer, Indutrade AB

Cision makes it possible for me to communicate my message and gives me the opportunity to analyse the results.

Cecilia Ahlgren Fries

Marketing Manager/Deputy CEO, Kalix Tele24

What I appreciate most about Cision is that I am able to communicate our messages with relevant recipients, extremely rapidly and with very little effort.

Louise Hagsten

Marketing Manager, Söderberg & Partners

The best thing about Cision is that it always works. They offer a flexible and user-friendly solution that facilitates and streamlines our PR work. I appreciate the ease and flexibility as well as the ability to customise my own media lists. The latter is probably as valuable to me as the recipients, who are of vital importance to us.

Maria Gertell

PR and Communication Officer, Ticket

We are very pleased to be working with Cision as our supplier and have always received a prompt and professional response from them.

Marlene Häggström

Marketing and Communications Manager, Intelecom

Cision has an easy-to-use mailshot tool. To meet stock exchange requirements, we send out all our sensitive exchange information via Cision and we know with whom and when we are communicating. This includes NASDAQ OMX and a variety of news agencies, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We also have a direct link to our website so that our press releases are automatically posted there too.

Ulrica Nystrom Bertilsson

Marketing & Sales Coordinator, Sensys Traffic AB

Cision is neat, quick and easy!

Josefine Pettersson

Information Disseminator, Lidl

As a publicly listed company, being able to send out press releases quickly, easily and in accordance with the Swedish FSA rules on price sensitive information is of vital importance to us. And this works extremely well using Cision. I’d also like to blow the trumpet for their seminars, surveys of journalists and nourishing newsletters.

Johanna Snickars

Public Relations Manager, Nordnet

We appreciate Cision, as a partner who is both reliable and service-minded.

Tarja Roghult

Executive Assistant / IR Coordinator, Poolia