Make it easier for visitors, stakeholders and shareholders to view your financial information on your website.

Customizable Subscription Systems

Would you like your stakeholders to be easily able to subscribe to your news? We offer customizable subscription solutions that make it easy for website visitors to subscribe to your financial information. They can tailor what they are interested in based on the language and type of information.

Stock Price Information

With our share price graph and stock ticker, your company’s share price performance, comparison indices, percentage change and the number of shares traded can be displayed.

The share price graph may be linked to other modules to provide contingent causal explanations for any rises or falls. For example, press releases, reports, total returns, insider trading activities and calendar events may be integrated with the graph.


Estimating module from SME Direkt

In cooperation with SME Direkt, Cision is able to offer professional information modules within which the market’s profit expectations are automatically presented directly on the company’s website. The service includes modules for the presentation of analysts’ forecasts of annual data, quarterly data and recommendations (buy, retain or sell) for a particular listed company. Updating of all data in the modules is automatically triggered by SME Direkt updates.

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