Locate contact information for editors, journalists and influencers both globally and locally.

Find influential people in your industry

Using our media database, you can connect with journalists and editors both locally and globally. Altogether, our database contains more than 850,000 media entries, journalists, bloggers and 1 billion social media profiles throughout the world.

You’ll find a wealth of contact details on both a personal and editorial level, including email addresses, phone numbers, postal and delivery addresses, fax numbers and social media profiles.

With Cision Influence Rating, you can see just how influential a contact is. This will help you determine which contacts have the greatest impact in different subject areas and industries.

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An extensive database of journalists and influencers

Cision’s media database is the largest and most comprehensive on the market. You can locate the latest contact information for journalists, editors and bloggers from every country in the world. The database is updated daily to ensure that you always have access to the latest contact information.

You are in control and you decide who should receive your news so you can be sure you’re communicating with your target recipients in the desired manner.

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Benefits of the Media Database

  • Search for contacts and media

  • Create your own media lists

  • Work with ready-made editorial lists

  • Read about contacts and media
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